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Richard Ault 

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Solar PANEL products

Residential installations

We offer a wide variety of the best solar panels and financing solutions to ensure that consumers have the highest quality solar panel installation possible along with the best customer service. We offer personalized attention for solar consumers so they are comfortable every step of the process while still maintaining some great solar panel pricing.

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commercial installations

We stay on top of the latest technology to ensure that we are able to analyze the commercial consumers load profile and predict their savings as accurately as possible with electrical demand factors coming into play. Make sure you install the best solar panels on your building.

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Black on Black solar panels on a flat tile roof

Solar panels for home and business

Wise Solar, Inc. is the best solar company in the greater Portland area.  We offer amazing customer service, the latest technology in solar panel installations and latest inverters to ensure that your solar installation deliverers the power you need for decades to come.  We pride ourselves on our detail oriented nature with the use of drones and only the highest quality products available. 

Some Examples of our work

Wise Solar, Inc. is a solar panel contractor construction company at it’s heart that offers the latest technology.  We enjoy offering the top rated, highest efficiency solar panels from LG Solar, Panasonic Solar, REC Solar, SunPower and utilizing the latest inverter technology from Enphase and SolarEdge to offer the highest quality solar install for all consumers.  We believe the consumers deserve the highest quality solar panel installation at the best solar panel price!

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